Providing efficient guidance on software processes for mission-critical systems

Process Design and Execution

We develop and execute efficient software development processes to meet ISO26262 and ASPICE.

Software Standards

To maintain a competitive edge, it's essential to take advantage of the latest tools. At the same time, those same tools and digital media used to track every detail in the process must also be certified and reliable.

We provide guidance in the selection of digital solutions, workflows, tools which meet regulation needs and will secure your business IP and valuable data.

Automotive Standards

ISO26262 and MISRA are two of the standards that apply to defining process requirements to develop vehicle based software. These are derived from general Functional Safety Standard IEC61508, and made specific for automotive systems.

Until recently, vehicles traditionally used multiple ECUs to independently control specific functions. This has evolved as the industry seeks to consolidate ECUs and replace them with centralized software modules. With a single processor controlling multiple functions, it must be thoroughly verified to be fail-safe in any conditions. As an added complexity, this centralized processor may also be responsible for providing less-critical functions such as entertainment which must run alongside, but not interfere with safety-critical functionality.

Technological Guidance

Our experience in adopting new technologies will help your team uncover technical roadblocks and remove them, allowing productivity, efficiency, and profits to go up.

Our team can also help assess Research and Development eligible activities in order to take advantage of government grants offered through SRED and other programs.

Innovation Specialists

Adopting new technologies carries some initial risk and expense, but done well can substantially reduce development and production costs, improve maintainability, and allow you to offer new differentiating features to your customers.

Legacy Migration

We can provide your team with options to migrate to a modern system at less than 5% of the price. All too often, legacy systems are maintained beyond their life expectancy and major expenses can be saved by a simple investment in new proven technology. 

Cloud migration is one example which eliminates the need for hardware maintenance and mitigates the higher downtime requirements of private hosting. Our team has a proven history of cloud migration projects that have decreased costs while allowing the team to focus on issues that build true value and increase profits. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation increases throughput and productivity. Software modelling tools and practices allow developers and project managers to more effectively communicate requirements and automate the some elements of the development pipeline.

But the reality is that most tools may not be fit for your needs. Software modelling is very application specific and choosing the right tool or approach for a given problem is critical. We help your team identify selection criteria for the right solution to automate software development and increase productivity, while improving customer satisfaction.

Building Teams

We guide our clients through the selection of contractors and the logistics of onboarding new teams in minimal time.

We work with managers to enable teams to solve problems faster by fitting team members to appropriate roles where they can compliment each other's expertise.

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