Software Development Process

Providing efficient guidance on software processes for safety-critical systems

We develop and execute efficient hardware and software development processes meeting ISO26262, ASPICE.

With a growing reliance on software-defined devices, regulators are tightening requirements for software running in autonomous driving system to meet safety requirements.

Now that even simple devices are now connected through IoT, there is a increased need for robustness against both malicious hacking and accidental failures.

Software Standards

To maintain a competitive edge, it's essential to take advantage of the latest tools. At the same time, those same tools and digital media used to track every detail in the process must also be certified and reliable.

We provide guidance in the selection of digital solutions, workflows, tools which meet regulation needs and will secure your business IP and valuable data.

Automotive Standards

ISO26262 and ASPICE are two of the standards that apply to defining process requirements to develop vehicle based software. These are derived from general Functional Safety Standard IEC61508, and made specific for automotive systems.

Until recently, vehicles traditionally used multiple ECUs to independently control specific functions. This has evolved as the industry seeks to consolidate ECUs and replace them with centralized software modules. With a single processor controlling multiple functions, it must be thoroughly verified to be fail-safe in any conditions. As an added complexity, this centralized processor may also be responsible for providing less-critical functions such as entertainment which must run alongside, but not interfere with safety-critical functionality.

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