Technological Guidance

Providing efficient guidance on software processes for mission-critical systems

Our experience in adopting new technologies will help your team uncover technical roadblocks and remove them, allowing productivity, efficiency, and profits to go up.

Our team can also help assess Research and Development eligible activities in order to take advantage of government grants offered through R&D grant systems and other programs.

Innovation Specialists

Adopting new technologies carries some initial risk and expense, but done well can substantially reduce development and production costs, improve maintainability, and allow you to offer new differentiating features to your customers.

Legacy Migration

We can provide your team with options to migrate to a modern system at less than 50% of the price. All too often, legacy systems are maintained beyond their life expectancy and major expenses can be saved by a simple investment in new proven technology. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation increases throughput and productivity. Software modelling tools and practices allow developers and project managers to more effectively communicate requirements and automate the some elements of the development pipeline.

But the reality is that most tools may not be fit for your needs. Software modelling is very application specific and choosing the right tool or approach for a given problem is critical. We help your team identify selection criteria for the right solution to automate software development and increase productivity, while improving customer satisfaction.

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