Functional safety architectures meeting ISO26262

Innovation to market


Trusted insights

Hands-on knowledge from building products and platforms in some of the most well-respected technology companies.

Strategic guidance

Demonstrated leadership with large cross-functional teams across the world. Building teams, processes, and products from design to delivery.

Practical expertise

Decades of experience in aerospace, semi-conductors, telecommunications, and automotive industries.


We help teams add new technologies to their arsenal, and remove development roadblocks

With demonstrated expertise in all areas of the systems and software development life cycle, we specialize in process improvements that let our clients meet safety critical standards in automotive, medical and industrial sectors.


We guide teams from strategy through execution

We define and implement efficient development and test processes to meet ISO26262:
Effective lean requirements and traceability
Architecture and design
Test plan and test cases
Project management and execution
Safety analysis
Configuration management
Change management
Selection of tools and qualification

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Our experience in adopting new technologies will help your team uncover technical roadblocks and remove them, allowing productivity, efficiency, and profits to go up.

Our team can also help assess Research and Development eligible activities in order to take advantage of government grants offered.

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We guide our clients through the selection of contractors and the logistics of onboarding new teams in minimal time.

We work with managers to enable teams to solve problems faster by fitting team members to appropriate roles where they can compliment each other's expertise.

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